Friday, April 10, 2015

11 & 12.01.13 - Wok to Walk

Didn't really have time to sort a post yesterday evening and kinda tight on doing one tonight too to be honest, so it'll be brief sorry. But here it is anyway. The last 2 days have been normal/Up days for us so we have been able to eat normally. After a week and a half of being fairly sensible I decided I really wanted some fast food and eventually decided on a Wok to Walk. As I didn't manage to finish it on Friday Night when I bought it I had the left overs Saturday night as well, so I only actually had half a Wok to Walk each day as I just find them too filling to eat in one go. Here are the pictures of what I ate the last 2 days - I'm not going to aim to do the calories as I have no idea with the Wok to Walk really.


Breakfast: I grabbed a blueberry Special K Biscuit and dash out the door to work!

Chicken and Hoisin Noodles from Tesco and a bag of Prawn Cocktail Walkers Crisps, plus a small orange oasis

My yummy Wok to Walk - egg noodles, chicken, mushrooms and sweet and sour sauce


I have a small weakness for Pain au Chocolate!

 I took a wholemeal pitta bread with Brie, Ham, salad and Cranberry again
And a bag of Tesco Salt and Vinegar Crisps, plus a bottle of Iced Tea.

Tea: My left over Wok to Walk, Pate on 4 crackers and the last of my Xmas Fudge.

So not totally awful considering it was an Up Day, but on another fast day tomorrow. Then we are away for a week and we wont really be able to properly control our food, but we will be eating more healthily anyway, so wont be having fast days, but will jump right back in when we return. I still haven't touched any fizzy drinks, which I feel really good about, now if I can cut the pastries and crisps we might be getting somewhere.